Johann Wolfgang Goethe’s Model

An other artist who use his wife as his only model was the famous German writer ,Johann Wolfgang Goethe.10568983_1496099810634501_8469516359437047944_n

Besides being a writer, poet, playwright, theologian, philosopher, Goethe was also a painter (this feature is little-known).During his trip to Italy (1786 – 1788) he painted many landscapes Italian.




The only model was his wife, Johanna Christiane Sophie Vulpius (she often was portrayed with his son by her husband ).220px-christianevulpiusundaugusts140

In 1788, when Christiane was a young woman of Weimar, Goethe addressed to her the Römische Elegien, an epithalamium. They lived together maritally from 1788 till their marriage in 1806, and afterward till her death in 1816, to the scandal of the ladies of Weimar and the vexation of Bettina von Arnim-Brentano. Friedrich Schiller’s wife Charlotte von Lengefeld wrote of Goethe after Christiane’s death, “The poor man wept bitterly. It grieves me that he should shed tears for such objects.”

Christiane, who is buried in the Jacobsfriedhof in Weimar, was the sister of Christian August Vulpius,Goethe’s friend.

Christiane Vulpius and Goethe had a son, Julius August Walther von Goethe (25 December 1789 – 28 October 1830), who became chamberlain to the Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar, and died while on a visit to Rome.


Christiane Goethe
Christiane and her husband,Johann Wolfgang.




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