Anecdotes – Emperor Joseph II:Isabella of Parma and Maria Josepha of Bavaria

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Today begins the section on anecdotes about both the history and the art.
So I will talk about the Emperor Joseph II and his hidden side, that concerned his life (and not political).



Joseph II was a rude man, lonely but he was really in love with his wife, Isabella of Parmjean-marc_nattier_005a, who had lived more she would change her husband’s character and would make him more amiable and outgoing toward others.

Joseph was in love with Isabella and he had not realized that the princess was married to him only by order of the state, as did the princesses that was given in marriage to the sovereign.
Isabella was in love with her sister in law, Duchess Maria Cristina.


The sudden death of beloved Isabella destroys the Emperor. (27 November 1763).Two years later (January 23, 1765), Empress Maria Theresa forced her son to marry Princess Maria Josepha of Bavaria.maria_josepha_von_bayern.
Joseph, however, never wanted to remarry after the death of his beloved first wife, Isabella of Parma.
Maria Josefa was not physically attractive: in a letter Joseph described her as a “short person and little ‘fat” with “bad teeth”. He pretended that she was not there, or even that he had even dead.He he had barred the doors of his apartment to keep his new wife not to enter.
He admitted, however, that as far as his character was worrying, Mary Joseph was a “blameless woman” who loved him, and that he appreciated her for her positive features, but suffered because he could amarla.Josefa on the other hand, had loved so passionately Joseph and she was deeply impressed by his malice against her, being mild-tempered and timid, and aware of his inferiority, trembled and turned pale whenever he was in the presence of her husband.
Joseph and Mary Joseph had two children (both sons were born dead).
After the birth and death of the second child, Maria Josefa died ‘(28 May 1767)



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