Anecdotes: Sandro Botticelli

So here I am with a new anecdote ..about the great Italian Renaissance painter,Sandro Botticelli.



One day, a weaver came to live next door to his home.The weaver had set eight frames and when he was working, producing ruckus that rattled the walls of the house of Botticelli.Annoyed, the artist went from near, pointing out that, with all that noise, he could no longer either to work or to sit in peace to his house. Despite repeated protests Sandro, the weaver undaunted continued to go its frames usual pace, regardless of cause discomfort.But the painter did not want to give in to a sample of arrogance so he carried out what, no doubt, can be called a stroke of genius.
The wall of the house of Botticelli was much higher than the house of the weaver and the wily Sandro put right there above, in the balance, a large stone boulder that every vibration of the wall, took to swing giving the impression of having fall at any moment, crashing on the roof and on the frames of the close.The weaver gets scared and he goes to Botticelli, begging him to remedy the dangerous situation and explaining that he could not live with the looming threat of a boulder teetered on his head and at the risk of ending up dead crushed.

Botticelli replied to the weaver ironically: in my house I want and I can do what I like most.



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