Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s granddaughter.

Here is a new article about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Wolfgang-amadeus-mozart_1I don’t talk about his work, of his private life or his life as a musician, but today I’ll talk about a character closely linked to him but turned ”invisible”.
How well-known in some biographies, Mozart had six children, two of which reach the age adult: Carl Thomas and Franz Xaver.





In no biography of Mozart is alluded that he was grandfather.

He had only one granddaughter who unfortunately died young.
The granddaughter of Mozart, whose name was Constanza, was the only daughter of Carl Thomas and his student, Costanza Casella.Carlo_Mozart_Italia
She was named as her aunt (Theresia Constanzia Mozart, younger sister of his father) ‘cause was born the same day she was born, too. (27 December 1823)

Not much is known about the short life of Constanza.
It only knows that she was a small pianist (like her mother, like her father, her uncle and her famous grandfather) and that she was very loved by his father. (Reports received through Sophia Weber, who had known her)
Suddenly she died in March 1833 in Milan (now the causes of death are unknown but in some letters to Constanze Weber talking about smallpox)
Her death casts into despair and depression his father – who probably never recovered.

” [..] I had one child, dear friends, my cherished and beloved daughter, Constanza, whom the Almighty chose to take from me while she was still but a child.
I cannot explain to you the profound grief I felt upon losing my precious treasure, Constanza.
My dear mother was devastated as well upon the death of her only grandchild.
She loved that child deeply as I did! Mother took solace in her deep religious faith [..]”


Caversaccio, Italy
September 21, 1858

Carl Thomas Mozart talks about his daughter




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