Anecdotes:Marie Antoinette

Today I reveal some interesting anecdotes about the famous Queen of France, Marie Antoinette.

Enjoy !

  • .I start to tell anecdotes from his childhood: after the difficult negotiations to arrange the marriage between Louis Augustus Dauphin of France and marie_antoinette_by_joseph_ducreux came to an agreement, they hastened to prepare the young man to his new and very demanding court. In addition to a full immersion intensive (and exhausting for the listless Antoinette) study of France and its history, the girl was also subjected to a makeover. Among the things that were arranged were undoubtedly the teeth of small Antonia. We do not know if it was a tooth or teeth in particular in general to spoil the smile of the young Archduchess, the fact is that in 1768 was called to court one of the listed dentists of the time, the French Pierre Laveran. Laveran was one of the first dentists to use a method known band Fuchard: an orthodontic appliance which was used to straighten teeth in record time. A sort of semicircle to which were connected the wires of gold or of vegetable fiber, was attached to the teeth allowing the rotation or straightening in a fairly brevi..a times just 8 days. It must not have been pleasant for the young Antoinette but we know that little torture was ultimately the desired effect.
  • The great passion of Queen Marie Antoinette for diamonds is well known.
    She liked it so much these precious stones, which the young queen never missed an op458px-Marie-Antoinette,_1775_-_Musée_Antoine_Lécuyer2portunity to sfoggiarle; wrists, fingers, ears, clothes, even her hair, every time it was good to show their wonderful jewels.Is fair to add, however, that at the time, diamonds do not absolved to a purely ornamental, because they were associated with magical powers and was thought to possess them was a guarantee of protection from evil spells and diseases, one more reason, and more that good, so they will not miss in your precious casket.
    Once Marie Antoinette bought a pair of earrings made from three diamonds each, cutting pure and incredible brightness, the sight of which her husband Louis XVI, long accustomed to the ongoing expenses of his wife, said: “I’m not astonished the queen is always without money he is given his taste for diamonds. “
  • At the outbreak of the French Revolution have contributed many different causes, important and deep, but the queen Marie Antoinette, with its sometimes reckless behavior, has made one of them is commonplace as false as it dies hard.No person, no matter how extravagant or capricious (a behavior that the queen had, in fact, only for a short period at talexander_kucharski2c_la_reine_marie-antoinette_28annc3a9es_179029he beginning of the kingdom), may never be due to a deficiency state of revolution, because if that were the case, these days it would break at least a year, given the exorbitant profits of our politicians!Among the many epithets negatives that accompanied the person and reputation of Marie Antoinette, not surprisingly, there was also that of “Madame Deficit”, shouted by a poor lady at the young queen a night it went on to coach ‘Opera of Paris.But because so many prejudices against the first lady of France?
    For various reasons, not least the fact that it was foreign and one claimed that a certain kind of freedom in spite of belonging to the female sex, which is why the people attributed them all sorts of problems that would invest the country.
  • Louis XVI did not like and did not take kindly to gambling, an activity for which instead his wife Marie Antoinette, for a certain period of his life, in truth fairly short, went literally crazy.The greatest passion play queen was the “Pharaoh”, a complicated card game of Venetian origin who had been banished at court just by virtue of the king, but since Marie Antoinette had a strolouis16-1775ng influence on her husband, who rarely could be less at his request, he managed to wrest consent to play, provided, however, that you do it for one night.Only that the “evening” in question lasted for two consecutive days, in which the queen, and not for the first time, lost a fortune.Louis XVI, who was forced to draw attention to the lively wife scolded heavily reminding her that he had authorized a single game.And she, smiling disarmingly, he replied: “Yes, but you do not set the duration of the game




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