Anecdoctes:Vincent Van Gogh

Today I’ll talk about the Dutch painter,Vincent Van Gogh.
He realized well 867 paintings and more than a thousand drawings, not counting the numerous sketches have not been completed and many notes were probably the imitation of artistic designs from Japan.
As ingenious as it misunderstood in life, van Gogh profoundly had influenced the art of the twentieth century.
Having spent many years where he had suffering from frequent mental disorders, she died at age 37 for a gunshot wound, probably self-inflicted.
At that time his works were not known nor appreciated.

n-VAN-GOGH-large570.jpgThroughout his life, the Dutch painter was able to sell a single painting. His life was marked by poverty and madness, and some remember him as “crazy” but Vincent van Gogh is one of the most celebrated artists in the world.I gathered in this article some curiosity or anecdotes concerning Vincent Van Gogh.


1.He puts candles in the hat to paint at night.


To paint at night and illuminate the canvas and palette, Van Gogh often wore a straw hat dotted with lighted candles. Various sour4691622190_2b4106127c_zces tell of seeing him work in some coffee with the strange garment in the head, and the candles stuck in tight or fixed with some bobby pins.
The habit to paint at night is apparent in his works but also in some written records. “Often I have the impression that the night is much more alive and richly colored day” he said in a letter to his brother Theo. In another step of their correspondence, Vincent said that Starry Night over the Rhone was painted at night, ”
” referring perhaps to the lamp used to make light.


 2.Although it is said that Van Gogh committed suicide, some people talk of murder …

o-VINCENT-VAN-GOGH-DEAD-570.jpgIn 2011 has released a book titled “Van Gogh: The Life“, written by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith, biographers and winning a Pulitzer Prize. In this work, the two scholars support the hypothesis that Van Gogh did not commit suicide but was killed by a local boy. Many art historians have never accepted this hypothesis (the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, for example, says that his death was due to suicide). An article, published in November 2014 in Vanity Fair, has rekindled the question: according to the forensic scientist interviewed by the magazine, Van Gogh could not shoot himself because of his hands were never found signs or burns. Biographers Naifeh and Smith insist on one point: the gun was never found. The hypothesis that may have gotten the death is weak also because the artist would have said on several occasions to be against suicide.

3. Someone else cut off the ear of Van Gogh

Who cut off the ear of Van Gogh?
It is said that the artist if you cut it in a moment of madness. But there are some things to know: first of all, it was neatly cut, was removed only part of the left lobe. According to a report in Le Petit Journal, ddownload (1)ating back to just three days after the incident, Van Gogh gave actually a part of the lobe to a prostitute.
But it is unknown whether he was cutting it or someone else.
At that time, the artist lived with his colleague Paul Gauguin who was an expert fencer. The two quarreled often and often used hitting violently. After the incident, both confirmed that the accident was caused by the same Van Gogh, but it may have been just a lie from the artist to cover Gaugin. A Van Gogh and his brother Theo ,Gauguin liked more than the two of them liked him. Theo had even reached the point of “bribe” Gaugin to convince him to continue to live in that house.
Van Gogh has also always claimed to have no memory of the night of the incident. But he wrote to his brother: “Luckily Gauguin is not armed with a machine gun or other dangerous weapon.”

4. Van Gogh painted “Starry Night” looking out the window of the hospital where he was hospitalized

the_starry_night-wallpaper-1280x768.jpgIn January, 1889, Van Gogh was discharged from the hospital in Arles, where he had been hospitalized after the incident ear. But the artist felt he had recovered completely: his mental health was not yet integrated.
So, in May, he sought asylum at the psychiatric hospital Saint Paul de Mausole, just outside of Saint Remy.
Theo wrote him a little later: “It pains me to know that you’re still in a state of health incomplete. Although nothing in your letter betrays weakness of mind, on the contrary, the fact that you think you need to stay in a mental hospital is bad enough in itself .Hopefully it’s just a preventive measure.It was here that the artist painted some of his most famous works, such as “Starry Night“, which, however, judged a failure. “He did not say anything“, he argued. Her brother tried to sell the paintings, but he failed ever.

5. The bright yellow used in his paintings faded over time

The “chrome yellow” – a kind of signature pictorial featuring pai241px-van_gogh_twelve_sunflowersntings by Van Gogh, as various Sunflowers or The Chamber of Arles, had to be much brighter when it was laid out on the canvas. With time, this pigment unstable went fading, and veered towards brown. Bring it back to the original brilliance can not be, experts say. This would damage the paintings irreversibly.


6. “Dirty, badly dressed, grumpy and not at all nice” here is how he describes those who met him

Jeanne Calment, born in 1875 and died in 1997 at 122 years old, was the longest in person to testify about the life of Van Gogh. She has spent her life in Arles and often met the artist. His memory? “It was dirty, badly dressed, sullen, was not at all friendly and seemed ill. They called him ‘crazy’.”


7. He started painting at age 27. But before he died, at 37, he created more than 900 paintings. On average, two portrait a week.

ohmyvangoshhBefore you start painting, Van Gogh was trying to become a teacher or a lawyer. However he pointed to another profession. In a letter of December 1881 he wrote to his brother: “Theo, I am very happy when I paint and I can say that after all he had done last year. My real career in painting is starting now. Do not you think I should follow this passion?” . Van Gogh created more than 900 paintings and 1100 drawings before his death. He was a prolific artist, despite suffering from a form of epilepsy and hypergraphia, a manic tendency to write and, in his case, to paint.


8.He has painted more than 30 self-portraits, but maybe there are also some photographs of him.


The portrait was created by the artist in 1886. The photograph on the left was taken again in 1886. It was bought in a flea market to a dollar in the 90s. According to forensic scientists it would be an original photograph of van Gogh. The Van Gogh Museum is not yet certain of the authenticity in the shot because the artist seems to be much younger age that would have the time.



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