The Empress Sissi and the obsession with physical appearance

Character particular, mysterious and fascinating from the complex and multi-faceted personality, Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary, wife of Franz Joseph, today we talk about her and her complicated relationship with beauty.


Elizabeth was born in Monaco, in the palace of the Dukes of Bavaria on Ludwigstrasse, on Christmas Eve of 1837 and spent his childhood and early youth peacefully with his brothers and the family in the summer residence: the castle of Possenhofen on Lake Starnberg .
Age of fifteen, Sissi married the cousin, Emperor Franz Joseph.
Obviously the life of Sissi changes: from Monaco moved to Vienna, to live in the Hofburg, with the intrusive and cumbersome Sofia, with very little privacy and subject to the obligations of life “public”. Elizabeth begins to suffer from nervous diseases: insomnia, depression, anxiety attacks and anorexia.
The nerves can no longer stand, the Empress does not appear in public, obsessed by the fear of growing old and losing its freshness and beauty, introverted and deeply unstable.
Too often Elisabetta is in contact with death: the first love, the first daughter, the beloved cousin Ludwig and in 1889, the only son, Rudolf, who committed suicidwqsmbde. The Sept. 10, 1898 Elizabeth is in Geneva, and while walking along the lake, a crow approaches her touching her and she, frightened associates it to a harbinger of doom. The followin
g day is killed by Luigi Lucheni, twenty-five Italian anarchist that hitting jumps meeting at chest, hitting her on the left ventricle. Elizabeth falls backwards, but gets up, reassuring the present and continuing on his way to the boat. Only a few minutes after she collapses, the black dress is perfectly conceals the drops of blood is the tiny hole left by the punch of Lucheni.

Obsessed by the cult of beauty, Elizabeth concentrates all its energies in an effort to keep young, beautiful and slim. According to chronicles of the time, Elizabeth was 1 meter high and 72 and weighed 50 kg, had thick brown hair and long, which came loose even the ankles and she did wash every three weeks with a mixture of brandy and eggs and required all day. Three hours of his day were for dressing: the clothes she was literally sewn on. The lacing bust, which gave a waist of 38 cm often required an hour. Another three hours were for the hairstyle.
The rest of the day was occupied by gymnastics, fencing, horse riding and hiking, long walks. She slept, also, with the hips wrapped in wet cloth and drank mixtures of egg whites and salt.
Thinness and a youthful appearance: these were her priorities. To preserve youthful skin, she used masks night meat raw veal or strawberry and resorted to hot baths in olive oil.

Former Queen Marie of Naples was also the “star” of the ‘Album of the beautiful women’ who begin Sissi put together in Venice in 1862. […] When it came for a beautiful woman, Sissi did not care of the existence of an aristocratic family tree free from blemishes. As her uncle Luigi, she included in their own album women of all classes, even women who do not know at all.

The growing reputation of the extraordinary beauty of Sissi became a burden more and more heavy with the over time. […] The clothes she wore, the jewelry, the hairstyle: all these details were discussed in depth by the people. Any, even the slightest error in clothing, any moledae186f742ad63081af3e9f97f65e073 that could detract from the beauty, was noticed and commented. At any time Elizabeth had to prove to be the woman most beautiful of the monarchy.

Elizabeth had over fifty years old.
Never again she was portrayed, it by a painter, it ‘by a photographer.
No more she went around with no fan or no sun, hiding the thin face furrowed by wrinkles and hardened from the weather. The black fan and black parasol became, as he wrote Christomanos, the reader greek Elizabeth, “faithful companions of her outward existence” indeed, ”


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