Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s son:Franz Xaver.

Today I’ll talk about the little Mozart known by his real name: Franz Xaver, the seventh child and last son of the famous composer.

He was born July 26, 1791 in Vienna.
He was called ‘Franz’ as his great-grandfather and his great-uncle, who died the same year of his birth but his father Wolfgang nicknamed him ‘Wowi ‘.

For most of his life, Franz Xaver  lived in and around the city of Lviv region, in present-day Ukraine. He spent 30 years of his life (1808 – 1838) in the vicinity of the City of Lemberg as Lviv was called during the particular period of Hapsburg rule.At the time of the Hapsburg Empire, Lviv (Lemberg) was the empire’s 5th largest city – after Viennfranz_xaver_mozart_wolfgang_jr_18251a, Budapest, Prague and Trieste. Lemberg (Lviv) was the capital of the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria, a crown-land territory. Most highly placed, administrative positions within the Kingdom were appointed by the Hapsburg Monarchy. They were speakers of German. Hence, it was relatively easy for the young Mozart to move from Vienna to Lemberg and begin his professional carreer.

On October 22, 1808, the 17 year old Franz Xaver Wolfgang Mozart moved to the village of Pidkamin (Podkamien) situated about 65 km from Lviv. Here he became music teacher for the Count Baworowski family. Later, in September of 1811, Franz Xaver moved to the nearby village of Sarki to work for the Count von Janiszewski family. Finally, he decided to move to the city of Lemberg to become musical tutor for the Pogocki, Czartorinski and Sapheh children.In 1813, Franz Xaver Wolfgang Mozart accepted a position with the family of the Chief Government Councillor (Hauptregierungsrat) Ludwig Cajetan von Baroni-Cavalcabò. He maintained an employer-employee, as well as a personal relationship with the family until the end of his life.Franz Xaver Mozart also became the Kapellmeister for the Lemberg city theatre. Certainly, he was a competent vocal teacher and organizor of many musical events in the city of Lviv.Franz was the first Kapellmeister of the Mozarteum.

During the winter of 1843,Franz  became ill with a stomach ailment and in the spring of 1844 went to Karlsbad seeking a cure. He was accompanied by his friend and pupil, Ernest Pauer. Franz’s condition worsened and he died in Karlsbad on July 29, 1844. Memorial services, with performances of Mozart’s Requiem were held in his memory in Salzburg, Vienna and Lemberg. He left his entire estate donated all Mozart memorabilia to the Mozarteum.


Franz Xaver was born five months before his father died and he almost did not know him.
While the child was asleep, Wolfgang noticed the baby had inherited his own patalogia.Franz had an obvious deformation of the left ear, still called “ear of Mozart,” deformation associated with an internal failure or, as previously thought Once, in an exceptional musical talent and as an adult, he was used as a model to show the ear of Mozart and a normal ear.


The young Mozart had inherited the features of his famous father.
His contemporaries describe him as a man gentle, calm, sociable, lonely, introverted but tends not to have esteem and self-confidence. In addition to forming the ear and the features of Wolfgang Franz was a tenor, as his father, and his voice (whether in singing either in speaking) as that of the composer.
From his father, Franz inherited almost everything except the behavior -who inherited his older brother, Carl Thomas.
To his 25 years, the young Mozart start to have vision problems – typical characteristic of Mozart -that led him to lose it altogether – in about his 50 years was nearly blind and he wore glasses to try to see.

In 1813 in Lemberg, Franz became a music teacher of the daughters of the governor Ludwig von Baroni-Cavalcabò.
In addition, the composer help the governor’s wife, the Countess Josephine -born Giuseppina Castiglioni -to improve in singing and playing the piano.During music lessons, Franz and Josephine fell in love of each other and he becomes her lover for many years.
Josephine was a very important person and a strong supporter of her beloved Franz and help him to have confidence in himself and not be afraid of the shadow of his famous father.
She accompany him in all his travels music for Europe and, after the death of the governor, the two lovers were married in secret.
Unfortunately, some time later Josephine was widowed for the second time since his beloved composer died in 53 years. She died more than 16 years later.




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