Anectodes: Louis XVI and geography

Today I’ll talk you about a passion of the French King ,Louis XVI
I hope you like the following.louis2bxvi2bdetail

Louis XVI was the victim of a historiography hostile to him, which described him as a man weak and incapable in some respects, but if you believe that this was really his nature, you are wrong.

Maybe he was not born to be a king, maybe it was not suited to that kind of life, and almost certainly himself, if he could choose, he would have taken other roads, but that does not mean that Louis XVI was not a man of great virtues: the unquestionable kindness, that certainly is not cheap and that is evidenced by various anecdotes, added intelligence, competence and a culture out of the ordinary, often features culpably omitted by some of his biographers.

In the same year in which he was crowned king, Louis XVI at Versailles created a large library, which filled with books of History and Geography, for which he had a great passion.

Geography was probably his favorite of all: skilled cartographer himself, bought large globes that are still preserved in the palacedelisle_globi-300x183



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