The Italian Mozart

Here I am with a new article about Mozart’s first son:Carl Thomas. In the following I’ll talk about his rebellious, stubborn and introverted .. in some places a character similar to the famous father.


Second son of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his favorite (before the birth of Franz Xaver), Carl Thomas was born in Vienna on 21 September 1784.

He spent the first seven years of his long life seeing the births and deaths of his brothers and sisters and he living emotional bonding with his father.

After the death of her beloved father (whose death will become a nightmare that haunt him up to 18/20 years), from 14 years onwards Carl will be written in music schools to learn how to better manage his talent music but he will escape from its.
He was sent to Italy to pursue musical studies but at a time of tension between France and Austria and the distraction of the masters when he was in custody, the young age of 26 years become official in the service of the Viceroy, Eugene De Beauharnais (stepson of Napoleon Bonaparte).From that moment,he will use always his Italian name, Carlo Mozart (and not Carl Thomas)
Carlo was physically similar to his father that he was a short and thin man.
In terms of character, he had inherited many of the flaws of his father.
Carlo easily lost his temper, he was stubborn and did not listen to anyone.
So..yes! He inheriting also the characteristic of which his father was famous in Vienna or be a womanizer.
Carlo had a limited number of women (unlike his father) and three of his relationships with women are certain.His latest relationship was the most important for him.During the first year of 1820 when he revealed his real surname, he became a music teacher of the daughter of his friend,Imperial Colonel Giovanni Casella.His only daughter, Costanza , married to an officer Milan, start interested romantically to her teacher (more than 11 years older than her) and her feeling was reciprocated. After the sudden death of his partner, Carlo will remain widower until he dies.

His contemporaries describe him as a charming man, introverted, he spoke little with the others being reserved temperamentally.
In addition he was kind to others and caring despite apparently he seemed cold and detached.Physically he was low as the father, had dark eyes and very fair skin and he showed years less than he had in reality .

Carlo did not show his feelings easily and he does not talk about what he felt.His friends tell of seeing him cry in just three occasions: the fear of losing forever his beloved Costanza, the sudden death of her daughter and the death of his brother.

Known as the ‘Italian Mozart’, Carlo spent 60 years of his long life in Italy (precisely in Milan and Caversaccio), he spoke Italian properly and some dialects of Northern Italy.
When he returned to Austria, he felt like a foreigner (even if he was in his home town) and therefore he did not know the places so he was guided by his younger brother, Franz Xaver.






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