Anecdotes:Ludwig van Beethoven

Something about Beethoven..


1.Ludwig van Beethoven was able to establish himself as an artist despite the flaws of character and impossible ways. He had never been a beauty: a young man called him Der Spagnol because of an olive complexion. He was short – is only one meter and sixty – stocky and broad-shouldered; He had a massive head, a mass of unruly hair, buck teeth, small nose and rounded, and he used to spit everywhere. Clumsy movements, overthrew and broke continually objects it touched. Clumsy, he never learned to dance, and he always cut himself shaving.

2.He was theater and suspicious, susceptible like a cobra misanthrope, convinced that everyone wanted to cheat him; he had no manners or ways attractive, forget everything, had tantrums senseless, and the publishers had at times reports of questionable fairness. He lived in indescribable confusion, especially since there were no servants or rulers willing to tolerate his nervousness.

3.Ludwig van Beethoven was probably born on December 16 and he was baptized the following day (17) And that’s why Google will celebrate him on that date with a doodle almost all over the world.
Provincial, since he was from Bonn, he was raised by his father, a dissolute court musician. A child prodigy, he was subjected to a rigid discipline that, as often happens to the child prodigies, he influenced his whole life.

4.It is always speculate on the many diseases of which the composer would have suffered as a young man, from asthma to irritable bowel syndrome, kidney disease to liver cirrhosis. And historians have also questioned how the physical ailments of the musician may have influenced the art. The hypothesis of 3 researchers is that the pace of some of his most famous and viscerally moving would be affected by cardiac arrhythmias in which the composer probably suffered.

5.Already in their thirties, he claims to have trouble understanding the words of one person who spoke in a low voice.
To listen to the actors in the theater, also, he was forced to get close to the orchestra. The growing deafness but threw him into a state of deep despair, which in 1802 pushed him even groped suicide.
Because of the problems of hearing Beethoven gradually became isolated from the people around him, compromising many social and affective relationships.
In 1819, eight years before his death he was completely deaf. Nevertheless, Beethoven continued to compose: the famous Ninth Symphony with Ode to Joy was written in 1824.

6.For some it was the fault of an ointment smeared after surgery. For others, a chalice from which the composer drank. What was the administration, the high concentration of lead found in the body of Ludwig van Beethoven was often mentioned as a cause of death in 56 years. Fueling the theory, the fact that lead poisoning causes irritability (the composer was known for his temper), kidney failure and liver, symptoms that the musician accused dying.
However, a search of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York has denied these assumptions. The analysis of the levels of lead in the bones of the composer has in fact found a concentration too low to cause poisoning.



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