Franz Joseph Haydn: facts about the great composer


XV.When Napoleon invaded Vienna in 1809, Haydn was such a respected figure across Europe that two of Napoleon’s sentries were put on guard so that he wouldn’t have to move in his old age.

XVI.When Haydn’s Farewell symphony was performed for the first time in 1772, the composer gently hinted to his employer Prince Nikolaus that his overworked musicians might like to return home with an ingenious musical statement. The final movement sees each musician stand up, extinguish the candle on their music stand and leave the room in turn until only a pair of violins remain.

XVII. Mozart was very much in awe of Haydn, and often invited him to his concerts. Haydn reciprocated and was similarly very fond of the young prodigy. So fond, in fact, that the music played at Haydn’s funeral was Mozart’s Requiem, written just a few years before his death.




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