The dark side of the magnificent Versailles

The Château de Versailles, Versailles, France.

We all know the palace of Versailles for the magnificence of its gardens, the exterior, the interior of the building and for the great historical figures who lived there but few historians talk about how  was in reality the palace, the precarious conditions in which it was and how the nobles treated the royal residence.

At Versailles he reigned a truly incredible dirt.
Just read the memoirs of Orace Walpole. Lice and fleas were everywhere.
The big dogs that nobles wore in the palace corridors to protect themselves from pickpockets were doing their needs anywhere and nobody was cleaning them. The fact that the palace was open to all wore short every kind of visitor: many homeless people slept on staircases.
The seggette used them only nobles were wandering the halls … and the little pages of the park with the buckets in which he made a pee … the nobles used to throw a coin into the buckets just filled the tip.
The ladies turned with a golden stick the end of which was fixed a little hand of ivory that was used to scratch his head without compromising the hairstyle: inside those incredible real hair and fake pyramids proliferated a lot of lice.
The ladies began to put inside the hairstyles strips of paper or of blood on saucers and honey so that the lice whose food it instead of one of the skin .

In the park of Versailles, the ladies did the crouching needs where they are.
If you happen to read town chronicles relating to that period will understand the state in which they lived: you could not pass next to the theaters because the waiters were throwing leftover food and the needs of their masters down the windows of retropalchi: everything remained on the outside walls theater and smelled badly,it not bathed because the water brought safe infections.

Sometimes there is deceived a bit from the glitz, but it was a time full of contradictions …



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